About Us

David M. Corbett

Since 2006, my job, day in and day out, has been to help individuals and family solve difficult problems. I don’t represent large corporations or insurance companies. I don’t sit in my office and write contracts all day. I take on the challenges of people facing big challenges—divorce, custody battles, injuries, and criminal charges. I recognize that these issues affect my clients at a deep, personal level, and the results matter a lot to me.

I’ve worked hard to develop a lot of tools to solve these problems. Sometimes the best solution is one that keeps you out of court, which requires a collaborative approach that strikes a balance between cooperation and a strong backbone in negotiation.

Sometimes, though, we find the solution in the courtroom. As an attorney, I was born in the courtroom, starting my career as a public defender who appeared in court every day. I have spoken to judges in thousands of hearings, and I have advocated to jurors more times than I can count. If you need a judicial solution, you will benefit from this real, tested experience.

Give me a call so we can chat. Let’s find solutions together.